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$ 100.69 $ 70.95


Designed and handmade just north of Tokyo, the case features a thick woven elastic strap attached to 2 pockets, to hold the phone perfectly in place. While the "commando" iPhone 5 will be a trend, the scratched casing of a careless carrier's device will not look so in vogue.

The leather handmade iPhone case, like a sturdy leather bag, offers a thick, impervious cushion to prevent scratching and cracking of the phone's casing. Accidental drops, pointy pocket clutter and unforeseen flings from the table can’t shake a fist at its durable, protective powers. The case is made of a richly colored vegetable-tanned leather designed to protect without obscuring the camera or headphone jack.


12,7 cm tall x 6,4 cm wide

Vegetable tanned leather
Elastic straps

$ 100.69 $ 70.95
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