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€ 49.00 € 25.00


Wall decoration measuring rod from Nijntje

With the wall decoration IXXI Miffi Growth Chart, growing is extra fun! The ruler is equipped with colorful images of Miffy, so that your child reaches a milestone with every growth spurt and new picture. The wall decoration consists of 12 Synapse cards with which you can determine the pattern yourself! Puzzle together with your child until the Miffy pictures hang in the desired place.


     Width: 20 cm
     Depth: 1 cm
     Height: 20 cm
     Made from synthetic synapse paper on a polyester basis
     Tear-resistant, water-resistant and UV-resistant
     Small cards that are connected to each other by means of couple crosses
     With the 12 cards you can determine the pattern yourself
     Including mounting material

€ 49.00 € 25.00
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