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In 1936, one of Finland's most important architects sketched a most unusual vase: the Aalto Vase Savoy named after its creator Alvar Aalto. That was 80 years ago. Today, this vase is one of the world's most famous glass objects. It is a prime example of extraordinary Finnish glass art, and of design that moves the world.

In 1936, the Aalto office designed the entire interior for the luxury restaurant Savoy in Helsinki, and in addition to the design of numerous accessories and pieces of furniture, the soft curved Aalto vase was created. For this reason the famous glass vase is also known as the "Savoy Vase”. In the same year, Alvar Aalto won the design competition of the Finnish glass company Iittala, securing a place for his designs at the 1937 world exhibition in Paris.


Year: 1936
Designer: Alvar Aalto
Manufacturer: Iittala
∅ 160 mm

Distinctive Features: Due to asymmetrical, wavy shapes and soft lines, the Aalto vase has an organic, dynamic appearance. It is characteristic of Finnish glass art.

Trivia: "Aalto" is Finnish and means "wave". The name "Aalto Vase" is a play on words between shape and creator.

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