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How to play Marbles.
There must be at least 101 ways to play marbles. The single most important thing you need to know is this: HAVE FUN!

It is important to agree on the rules when you play marbles, so nobody accuses you of cheating. If you want to play for keeps, then you should talk about it at first and agree that the winner gets to keep some marbles. Playing keepsies is fun until you loose your favorite marble!

Keepsies - you keep marbles that you win.
Friendlies - you get all of your marbles back at the end of the game.

Any kid who ever had a collection of marbles has favorite marbles. If you are willing to risk your marbles in a game of keepsies, you had better either be a good shooter, or be a good sport.

Shooting Marbles
When playing marbels on the ground, you'll want to "knuckle down" to shoot. Pinch the marble in your index finger and the flick if with your thumb. The video in the image-line will show you how to do it.

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12 colourful Marbles

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